Real Energy encounters gas pays at Tamarama-2
Thursday, May 03, 2018
  • Toolachee and Patchawarra Formations in Tamarama-2 are gas saturated as predicted
  • Logs interpreted combined net pay of 35m over a 90m gross Toolachee-Patchawarra logged interval
  • Additional 3.8m of net gas pay in Nappamerri Formation
  • Tamarama-2 now cased and suspended for future fracture stimulation
  • Drilling of Tamarama-3 to commence in the next few days

Cooper Basin focused oil & gas exploration company Real Energy reports that gas has been encountered from the drilling of the Tamarama-2 well in the Queensland Cooper-Eromanga Basin ATP 927P.

Preliminary wireline log interpretation, together with mud log gas readings and drill cuttings, have indicated the presence of gas saturated Permian Toolachee and Patchawarra formations section at the Tamarama-2 located approx. 765 metres East-Southeast from Tamarama-1 at the Patchawarra Formation top level. The petrophysical evaluation, using standard 5% porosity cut-off for pay calculation of the Basin Centred Gas Play, indicates the well has encountered combined net pay of 35m true vertical thickness, being 13.85 metres of net sandstone gas pay (from a gross 40.4 metres true vertical thickness) in the Toolachee Formation, and 20.89 metres of net sandstone gas pay (from gross 49.4 metres true vertical thickness) in the upper Patchawarra Formation section which was logged.

For comparison using the same interpretative methodology, Tamarama-1 has 11.5 metres of net sandstone gas pay (from gross of 41.5 metres) in the Toolachee Formation. While wireline logs for the complete Patchawarra Formation section in Tamarama-2 are not available yet, based on the mud log data the net sandstone gas pay in the Patchawarra Formation in Tamarama-2 would be slightly less than in Tamarama-1 due to its thickness (119.5 metres thick vs 126.5 metres thick). Tamarama-2 is situated approx. 27 metres up-dip from Tamarama-1 at the Permian Toolachee and Patchawarra Formations level.

In addition, the well also encountered 3.8 metres of log interpreted net sandstone gas pay (from gross approx. 30 metres) in the Nappamerri Formation. These sandstone units also had gas shows in Tamarama-1, but no gas pay was interpreted due to low reservoir quality.

Since the last report, the well has been drilled to the total depth of 2,581 metres. Electric logs have been recorded from surface casing shoe at 708 metres to 2,454 metres. Due to wellbore conditions, the lower section could not be logged at this time. The well has been cased and cemented to the total depth of 2,581 metres and suspended for fracture stimulation.

Managing Director of Real Energy Mr Scott Brown commented:

'This is a most encouraging result which is consistent with our geological model. The well is located 765m from Tamarama-1, and most, if not all gas sandstone units in the Toolachee and Patchawarra formations section in this well could be easily correlated to those in Tamarama-1. The net pay encountered in Tamarama-2 is very attractive for Real Energy and reinforces our view that the Windorah Gas Field holds considerable unlocked value that we are only just starting to tap. The drill crew is now mobilising to drill Tamarama-3 which is expected to begin in the next few days.'

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